I was fired from my first "real" job at 16, for putting about 100 pairs of pants away on the wrong shelf. I'm not going to hide that little fact from you, or anyone, because that was the moment I think I realized I'd never be "normal" and was the start of my path to become a freelance graphic designer and business owner. 

I've never been good at that routine life stuff, and I realized what I AM really darn good at, is design and helping people like you bring ideas and brands to life. I have experience in many forms of design, from logos, t-shirts and startup marketing materials for new businesses and individuals, to revamping or adding to the marketing collateral of existing businesses. I also provide web design services as well as social media management. I specialize in working with various printers and specialists to bring you the total package. I'm just slightly obsessed with making sure a brands entire image matches, from print presence to their digital presence. 

I'm a super independent, slightly crazy, motivated go getter. I'm "chasing my dreams", but there aren't any rainbows and unicorns here. It's hard work! I can't imagine ANYTHING I'd rather be doing, and you'll see that drive and passion reflected in all of my work. 

When I'm not designing, I'm out networking, and when I'm not doing that, I'm at the gym, or outside.

Sit back and relax, while I bring your ideas to life.

  • I hate swimming.
  • I'm an only child.
  • I've been to Hawaii three times.
  • I lift weights. And no, not just those pink girly dumbbells. Real ones.
  • I think investing is fun.
  • I hate when people's windshield wipers are on too high of a setting for the amount of rain falling.
  • I love to sit and read quotes.
  • I don't own a T.V. 
  • I bought a stick shift car without knowing how to drive it.
  • I'm honest and truthful to a fault sometimes.
  • I listen to music pretty much 24/7
"We have been very happy with the work Tamara has done for us. Tamara designed our Window for Paws and Claws pet food in Wolcott Ct. incorporating our requests. The graphics are awesome, they look just like our pets! We have also had Tamara design our business cards and door hangers. We have been very impressed with everything she has done for us, we also appreciate her effort to help us make good choices! 5 star rating from us."   - Lauren and Cindy Carrier, Paws and Claws, Wolcott, CT

"Tamara is my social media go to! Very talented. 
Responsive and reasonably priced." - Barbara Atherton, Insurance Alternatives, Farmington, CT
"Creative and knows how to develop something that properly represents you. Tamara cuts no corners and does not disappoint." - Mark Garrison, Actor and Firefightor
"Tamara has helped me with T-shirts for the cheerleading squad that I coach. If she can make 20 teenage girls happy with their very detailed & custom orders, then I’m sure she can she can make you happy too! I highly recommend Tamara Morrison Graphics for her personalized service, reasonable prices, and quality products!" 
- Kimberly Fejzo, Cheer coach, NWR7 High School
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